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TZO 200

TZO 200 Tires - 401 Pre-Glued Set 4pcs Super Soft

TZO 200 Tires - 401 Pre-Glued Set 4pcs Super Soft

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is a great tire, for qualifying and mains, specially on hard packed, less dusty blue grooved tracks. The TZ401 is most often the fastest long lasting tire in our range when it comes to lap times on abrasive tracks.

The TZ401 is a medium pin square lug tire that is designed to work best on grooved up hard packed tracks. It excels on dry high grip tracks. The tire is designed with the lugs close together to maximize the surface area of the tire on the track, but the center lugs are wide, opening up the tread in order to provide exceptional forward bite, and to allow for grip in dust. The edges of the tread are rounded to reduce the chance of the tire catching ruts and bumps.

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