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TPRO 1/8 Off Road BLACK SUGAR Sportline Pre-Mounted Tire Soft (SET OF 4)

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That's right, a complete set of premounts for your buggy for UNDER $30.00.

Let us be honest here.  The rubber is good quality, but not the same as our higher-end tires.  Unless you are getting tires for free like the top guys, you need to take a look at these.  We all can’t spend $70.00 per set for 1 run.  Give them a try and you may be surprised.  

This T-Pro pattern is called "Black Sugar".  The special design from the "Black Sugar" is the rhombus on both sides.  This will offer you the best control when your buggy is taking corners.  The big square pins on the tire surface provides extra grip on most track conditions.