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PRO1RC DIRT-03 Buggy 1/8 ( Tire ) 2pcs (Super Soft)

PRO1RC DIRT-03 Buggy 1/8 ( Tire ) 2pcs (Super Soft)

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We develop some tires and designs for all drivers, the DIRT-02 and DIRT-03 models became 4mm wider and flatter for greater contact with the ground, together with the wheels and inserts make your lap to lap much more consistent .

DIRT-03 was designed for tracks with a very little dirt in the line, dry, it works in the following conditions:

- Tracks very little dirt in the line
- Long lasting mains
- High traction tracks (Harder compounds)
- Low traction tracks (Softer compounds)

We also covered the inside with some bridges that cross the entire tire, we saw that the tire became much more consistent with the passing of the laps than just with the usual 3 lines and extend the life of the tire.

Another novelty that we decided to implement are the sidewalls of the tires, adding 40% more bridges, this helped us to be able to accelerate much more strongly in the corner supports.

The compounds are amazing, it works for the QUALYs and MAINS very fast and consistent, they were made with small pins to avoid bending and for less wear

NEW! You can buy your tire without an insert (it is this product) you can recycle your inserts from other occasions and save a lot of money.
- PRO1RC inserts can be recycled 2 to 3 times
- If the track is low traction, we recommend recycled inserts
- If the track is high traction or bumpy we recommend putting a new insert

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