Tire Information

COUGAR is the one of the best overall tire, it will suit almost every driving condition, but still acting like compromise choice, but it is super easy to drive. COUGAR providing maximum forward bite without sacrificing wear, therefore it is best suited for long runs and training. Crossing side tread provides smooth steering and consistent side traction on even the most edgy and hard to drive tracks.

LOOPER acts like COUGAR, however Looper focuses on maximal traction and attack, while Cougar focuses on long runs, tear and wear.

RAIDER is the newest tire on TPRO family and hits between HARABITE and HARPOON. All of these three tires gives much higher traction than COUGAR but working window is much narrower. But, when you hit the sweet spot with these, your car is giving hard time to competitors...

All you need is couple sets of COUGAR and HARABITE or RAIDER to suit your race day, propably T3 and T4 compounds gives best performance compromise between wear and traction.