Broke-in by Adam Drake! Atom SV-1R 3-Port long Stroke .21 Nitro Engine

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This engine was broke-in by Adam Drake!!!  His hard work and commitment has earned the trust of many of the world's top drivers. The same break-in service used by Ty Tessmann, Ryan Maifield, Adam Drake, Spencer Rivkin, Mike Truhe, and many others.  

Run a couple of tanks through the engine.  Get the tune dialed in.  Let it RIP!

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Glow Plugs, P3 (Engine does not include glow plug)

ATOM SV-1 Long Stroke 21 Race Engine
The Atom SV-1 is a complete new ground up design long stroke engine. Great care has been taken to maximizing power, fuel efficiency and reliability. We believe that only the highest attention to detail can deliver a truly great engine.
The new crank case features transfer ports that maximize gas flow to deliver amazing power. Whilst at the same time being incredibly strong and light weight. The back plate is hard coated to minimize friction and wear between it and the conrod.
The new Crank shaft features a silicone filled inlet port to aid high speed gas flow through the central transfer tunnel, maximizing both power and efficiency. The high grade steel shaft is heat treated to ensure the best possible service life.
The all new carburetor features an allow body for strength and stability. A thermal barrier collar prevents heat transfer from the crank case to help ensure a stable race tune. Interchangeable restrictors allow the performance of the engine to be tailored to suit track conditions and layouts (6.5 & 7mm included)
The new cylinder head is super strong yet light weight and features a low center of gravity.

Atom SV-1R 3-Port long Stroke .21 Nitro Engine 
*New for 2019 - the "R Spec". Redesigned piston/sleeve/crank with special coating for longer wear
Atom SV-1R highest torque 3.5 cc off-road engine
Category : 1/8 Buggy or Truggy
Displacement : 3.5cc
Bore [mm] : 16.26
Stroke [mm] : 16.8
Inlet ports : 3
Outlet ports : 1
Front ball bearing dimension DixDexS [mm] : 7x19x6
Rear ball bearing dimension DixDexS [mm] : 14x25.4x6
Carburetor diameter reducers [mm] : 6.5/7
Weight [g] :329
Cylinder system : ABC 
Exhaust type : rear
Recommended Glow plug : P3 or P4 Turbo type
Recommended pipe : ATOM 2106, Novarossi 9901, OS 2090, 6MIK 2058, or Nova 2096
Recommended fuel : 25-30% nitro
*Compare to O.S. 21XZ-B Spec II 12183 12175

After receiving the engine you’ll need to do the following steps.

-Install the clutch, air filter, align the carb, and set your linkage / throttle EPA.

-Heat the engine to 180-200 degrees using a nitro engine heater or heat gun. I use the Protek RC 12V engine heater.

-Prime and start the engine.

-Let engine idle and heat saturate for 1-2 minutes. During this time you can fine-tune the idle adjustment and slowly apply the throttle to burn out any excess assembly oil.

-Start running vehicle on the track or in a parking lot. The engine should be crisp on bottom to mid, but still slightly rich on top.

-After 7-8 minutes of running, you can lean the HSN one hour if needed.

-Stop engine and make sure the piston is at bottom dead center.

-Heat engine to 180-200 and start running again on track or in a parking lot. Feel free to make adjustments to the carb if needed, but it should be crisp on bottom and through the midrange and still a little rich on top. Run engine for 7-10 minutes. -Stop the engine and let cool for 7-10 minutes with the piston and BDC.

-Preheat engine to 180-200 degrees and start engine. At this point you should be pretty close to race tune with the high speed needle still slightly rich to provide proper lubrication.

-The engine will continue to improve and gain runtime over the next ½ to 1 gallon, but you should be ready to go racing.